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Evgeny Kogan is a partner of Palladium Realty

"We created Palladium to be your guide to the real estate world of the United Arab Emirates."

  • Creator of the most popular telegram channel about investments and finance BitKogan

  • Best Investment Banker in Russia in 2007, according to RBC in the Stock Market Guru 2008 nomination

  • 30 years of experience in finance, asset management, consulting, etc.

  • Since 2011 - President of the investment company Moscow Partners

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  • Winner of the national business prize "Person of the Year" in the category "Financier. Media Personality" nomination.

Consultation on the selection of real estate

Remote real estate purchase (online)

We offer remote property presentations, online meetings with developers, and help you transfer funds legally to Dubai to reserve a property or pay for a unit in full.

How to buy online:

  • Selecting a property, we provide options - the customer chooses
  • Once the property is selected several units are offered
  • Arranging an online meeting with the developer
  • Opportunity to reserve the unit at the online meeting
  • Registration of the transaction is up to the client's discretion (in person or online)

Closed auctions from developers

Our company is a partner of all property developers in Dubai, for our clients we are monitoring the closed sales and give an opportunity to participate in them. We provide our expert assessment of the quality and prospects of the object, excluding unsuccessful deals.

  • Today the demand for real estate in Dubai exceeds the supply
  • Up-and-coming properties are often not available on the open market
  • We will give you access to private sales of Dubai’s best properties

Why Dubai?

  1. Dubai is the most popular tourist destination in the world due to its developed infrastructure and geographical location.
  2. The high demand for rental property makes them a profitable investment. Natural growth and increase in property value and unique offers at an early stage of development.
  3. Buying property in Dubai, you can get a residence permit and carry out economic activities in the country as its resident.
  4. Stable economy that allows the development of international business. 100% foreign participation in companies is allowed.
  5. Developed international financial and banking sector. Flexible offerings in the context of today's realities.
  6. Low tax rates compared to other top jurisdictions, both for individuals and legal entities.

Dubai Real Estate

Emaar Properties

Emaar Properties is one of the respected developers not only in Dubai but worldwide . With proven expertise in real estate, shopping centers and retail, hospitality and leisure, Emaar is shaping a new way of life with a focus on design excellence, quality construction and on-time delivery.

Emaar Properties PJSC was founded in 1997 by Mohammed Ali Rashid Alabbar. Based in the United Arab Emirates, Emaar Properties operates in construction and property management operations in 36 key markets around the world , particularly in the Middle East, India, Europe, Canada and the United States.

With 60 sub-companies, including overseas, Emaar controls six business segments worldwide. Emaar Malls Group builds shopping centers and develops retail, Emaar International builds real estate in other countries, Emaar Hospitality Group develops premium lifestyle services, Emaar Entertainment provides leisure and entertainment services, Emaar Investment Holding manages the investment portfolio.

DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties is one of the leading luxury real estate developers in the Middle East, offering private residential, commercial and leisure properties in the region and other countries , including projects in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon and the UK.

The company offers iconic design and impeccable quality. DAMAC Properties has successfully commissioned 20,230 homes and its portfolio includes more than 44,000 properties in various stages of planning and implementation.

This number also includes 13,000 hotel rooms, apartments and villas with hotel services, which will be managed by the company's hospitality division DAMAC Hotels & Resorts.


Meraas is one of the leading real estate developers in Dubai transforming the modern face of the city, making millions of people, businesses and tourists around the world choose the UAE.

Over the years of hard work, the company has built an impressive portfolio that includes housing and business projects that strive to make the city a better place and serve as a source of inspiration for new ideas.

Meraas is credited with being a major innovator in residential and commercial real estate, private healthcare, restaurant, entertainment, hotel and tourism.

Current real estate offers in Dubai in one catalog.
Be the first to know about sales launches and receive exclusive offers!